Weekend Getaways from Myrtle Beach

Weekend getaways, whether you’re traveling by car or flying from Myrtle Beach airport, are quick and easy, and mini vacations are a great way to rejuvenate and get back your sense of balance.

I know, I know, we live at the beach, so why would anyone want to go anywhere else? We have it all right here! Well, sometimes it’s just good to get a different perspective, to see someplace

new, or to go explore some history, art, and culture in another setting.

Fortunately, the Grand Strand is strategically located to optimize weekend travel. There are some fascinating and fun places to visit that are only a few driving hours away. We also have a fantastic airport where you can get non-stop flights to some great mini vacation destinations like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Ft. Lauderdale.

For road trips from Myrtle Beach, I’ve divided them into two categories, weekend getaways, and day trips for drive times of one to two hours. You’ll want to visit the day trips page for shorter travel.

For two or more days of travel, I’ve limited drive trips to about 300 mile’s distance or about 5 hours or less of travel time.

Wine tasting and looking at the North Carolina mountainsTry wine tasting in the Yadkin Valley, North Carolina, about four hours' drive form Myrtle Beach.

If you decide to fly, there are some great fares to be found on the airlines serving Myrtle Beach International Airport. However, cheap flights to New York and Ft. Lauderdale do come with a caveat. If you don’t mind paying for luggage, seat placements and so on, it may be well worth the base fare.

Weekend Travel by Car

If you have a long weekend, say three or four days, you can go farther, but there are plenty of options for a normal two-day weekend. You can go beer or wine tasting in Raleigh or Winston-Salem. Enjoy a mountain getaway in Asheville. Soak up some old Southern charm in Savannah, or visit big city Charlotte for dining and nightlife. Hot-lanta is about 5 1/2 away and Columbia, the state capital offers museums, a zoo, dining, and shopping and is about a 2 /12 hour drive. 

Pack Park AshevilleDowntown Asheville, North Carolina is artsy and a great destination for foodies.

Here are some more suggestions.

Weekend Travel by Car      Miles      Times*

Columbia                                     150           2 hr, 40 min

Raleigh                                       180            3 hr

Charlotte                                     170           3 hr, 45 min

Winston-Salem                            215           3 hr, 45 min

Greenville, SC                              250           4 hr

Savannah                                    200           4 hr, 15 min

Asheville                                     300            5 hr

(*Mileage and travel times are approximate starting from downtown Myrtle Beach.)

Weekend Getaways by Plane

Seven air carriers serve the Myrtle Beach airport, flying to nearly three dozen cities in the U.S. and Canada. They offer non-stop flights to fun places like New York, Ft. Lauderdale, St. Louis, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Dallas, Atlantic City, Niagara Falls, and Chicago.

The airlines currently serving Myrtle Beach are Allegiant, American, Delta, Spirit, and United. West Jet and Porter Airlines both fly non-stop to Toronto, Ontario.

Juliet Gordon Low house, SavannahExploring mansions in Savannah

So, pull out your suitcase and start packing. It’s travel time.

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