US 17 Road Closure in Myrtle Beach

Been north on the Bypass lately? The US 17 road closure at the bridge over Kings Highway has a detour in place that will take you south toward the beach before bringing you back past The Carolina Opry.

According to the SC DOT, the project, named "US 17 over US 17 Business" will rehabilitate the bridge that crosses over Kings Highway where the two roads connect just south of Restaurant Row.

Road Closed signUS 17 Bridge Construction Site

The project began in mid-March and is slated for completion by May 25, 2017. If you are traveling south on 17 coming from North Myrtle Beach, there's no problem. That side of the road is open and traffic is flowing freely.

If you are traveling north on the Bypass, be prepared to take the detour.

US 17 Road Closure at Grand Dunes

Detour signs begin popping up just before you reach 76th Avenue North. 79th Avenue North also is marked as a detour, and you can get through on 82nd Parkway as well, although that road swings back west a bit so that you end up on Kings Highway at just about the same place that 79th Avenue brings you.

You can travel on the Bypass as far as the entrance to Grande Dunes, then you must exit. If you're going to Pirate's Voyage or The Carolina Opry, you can get to both theaters from Grande Dunes Boulevard. However, with speed bumps throughout, it's not a good idea to use the theater parking lots and connecting streets as a cut through. Use one of the detour routes instead and you'll be much happier, trust me.

Road closure signs at Kings Highway bridgeYou can only go north on US 17 Bypass as far as the Grand Dunes entrance.

In March, while crews were sandblasting on the bridge, traffic on Kings Highway below was funneled into one lane. At this point, it appears that Kings Highway traffic will no longer be affected by the bridge work. Traffic is proceeding onto US 17 northbound just past the bridge.

Also keep in mind that if you are on Kings Highway, you cannot go south on US 17 at this point. The southbound exit ramp is closed. You'll have to go north at least as far as Myrtle Manor in order to turn around, but once you are southbound, traffic goes normally. Click here for the SC DOT map of road construction projects.

Other Road Construction in Myrtle Beach

Traffic is normal on Kings Highway.

There are currently several road construction sites around Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach. Work continues on Highway 707 and on the Highway 31 bridge over the waterway south of Highway 544. There's also the never-ending road works at 3rd avenue South and Highway 15.

Work on the medians near Barefoot Landing is finishing and the road should be ready for summer traffic. There are still some rough spots and orange cones out, so be aware of possible traffic slow downs.

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