Road Closure - Enterprise Road

Road closure in Myrtle Beach has become the norm, as we try to accommodate our ever growing population and increasing amount of traffic. The old country roads such as Highway 707 are busting at the seams with growth. Even our main roads like 17 Bypass  and Kings Highway sometimes need refurbishing. Unfortunately, we can’t produce new streets and thoroughfares as quickly as we need them, and we certainly can’t do so without some pain and suffering on the part of drivers.

Note: Enterprise Road is now open to traffic, allowing access to the zoo and parks from both directions. Construction continues on the bridge over the waterway which will allow Carolina Bays Parkway to pass under Enterprise.

As if driving around Myrtle Beach isn't crazy enough, we have to deal with construction that sometimes seems to go on forever. The good news is that once the road building is completed, getting around will be so much easier.

When Carolina Bays Parkway opened in 2002, it made traveling to anywhere along the Beach faster and far less stressful than sitting at stop lights. The extension to Highway 544 that opened in 2005 created a straight 27-mile run to the North Carolina boarder, completely bypassing Myrtle Beach for travelers heading north or south.

Carolina Bays Parkway at Enterprise RoadConstruction site of the new Carolina Bays Parkway extension. Note the bridge pilings in the background. - photo taken August 31, 2015
The bridge over the waterway is progressing. - photo taken February 8, 2017

Highway 707 in Socastee

Once a little traveled country road, SC Highway 707  has become growth-central in the Grand Strand scheme of road construction. Traffic conditions at the north end of the highway where it ends at the back gate have only recently eased up with the completion of the overpass at US Highway 17 Bypass.

With the current widening project, road conditions are tight all the way from Enterprise Road to Holmestown Road (which is also under construction at US Highway 17 Bypass).

They’re about to get tighter.

Electronic sign on Enterprise RoadEnterprise Road will close to through traffic beginning September 14th.

Enterprise Road Closure

Construction of the new bridge over the waterway for Carolina Bays Parkway has progressed to the point that the South Carolina DOT is ready to close Enterprise Road. How long the road will be closed is anybody's guess, but closing is scheduled to begin September 14, 2015.

According to the South Carolina Department of Transportation, expected completion of the SC Highway 31 project is 2017, but we know how that goes. Add another year or two to that and you may be closer to the actual date. The original estimate for the Enterprise Road closure was about a year as they build an overpass and complete the four lanes of Carolina Bays Parkway through the community. This was originally supposed to happen in January 2015 and was extended about eight or nine months.

Enterprise Road will be closed beginning Monday, September 14, 2015

Affected Business and Services

Some of the local businesses affected by the closing include Waccatee Zoo, Osprey Marina & Grill, Waccamaw River Tours, Socastee Park, Sandune Archery Club, and Enterprise Landing Boat Ramp. Access to these parks and businesses during the road closure will be via Bay Road from Highway 707, thus increasing heavy traffic conditions on an already well used and narrow residential street.

Zoom in and out on the interactive map above to see streets and businesses or change to satellite view.

Our recommendation is to stay calm, give yourself plenty of time while traveling through this area, and if you don’t Need to use Highway 707, don’t. Remember, it will be Wonderful when it’s done, just like the back gate bridge.

We’ll report any new changes as we learn about them. For now, travel safely on our Grand Strand roads.

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