Nancy Rhyne Books

The many and varied Nancy Rhyne books have one thing in common and that is the preservation of South Carolina history. Through the telling of tales and collection of oral history, the Southern culture has been handed down from generation to generation.

A natural story teller, Nancy writes about the Carolina low country she knows so well. She has spent years collecting oral tales and writing them down with a special interest in preserving the history and folklore of the South Carolina Low Country.

In her writings, Nancy weaves tales of ordinary people and historical figures, as well as haunted stories of ghosts that frequently appear even today. She captures the reader from the first sentence and holds him or her spellbound to the end. Nothing escapes her pen.

Nancy Rhyne Books

In her first collection of stories, Tales of the South Carolina Low Country, Nancy traveled the backroads of the rural coast, interviewing people and recording their tales, creating an award-winning book in the process. The collection includes humorous stories and tales of mystery. Hurricanes, strange voodoo practices, tales of slaves and cruel overseers, beautiful plantations and mournful cemeteries can all be found here.

In More Tales of the South Carolina Low Country the author continues with an equally haunting and compelling collection of tales. Here you’ll find Dr. Buzzard the witch doctor and how he ended up in court. There’s the radio talk show host who agreed to let two witches cast a spell on him, and the story of how Clark Gable once visited Hampton Plantation and found his own Rhett Butler.
The Gray Man walks the beach at Pawleys Island and warns of a coming hurricane.

I had the pleasure of hearing Nancy Rhyne speak many years ago in Pawleys Island and I’ve been a fan ever since. Over the years I’ve collected several Nancy Rhyne books and always find her delightful reading. Whether she’s writing for children or adults, her tales are fun and filled with history and the human drama of everyday life.

Two stories in this book have significant interest for Myrtle Beach folks, Alice, the Ghost of the Hermitage and The Legend of the Gray Man. The Hermitage, once the home of Dr. Allard Flagg, is located in Murrells Inlet and was where the sad tale of a lost love and a dying girl took place. The Gray Man first appeared to warn his love of an impending hurricane and has often been seen on the beaches warning of hurricanes ever since.

If you enjoy reading folklore, ghost stories, or South Carolina history and legends, you’ll love reading these books by Nancy Rhyne.

More Tales of the South Carolina Low Country

by Nancy Rhyne

Sandlapper Publishing, 1984, $9.95

ISBN 978-0-89587-042-1

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