Myrtle Beach Utilities and Services

Myrtle Beach utilities are always fun to deal with!

Santee Cooper Electric office, Myrtle Beach, SCPower lines surround the Santee Cooper office in Myrtle Beach.

There are only two electric companies and two water companies, but that being said, it’s not easy to find out which company handles which neighborhoods. Usually, you have to call and ask them, but keep watch here and we'll be publishing some general guidelines.

There are several waste disposal companies doing curbside pick-up, and you can always haul your trash to the dump yourself if you want. For recycling there are curbside recycling programs within the city limits and 24 county-operated convenience sites to which you may take your clean recyclables. Click here for more on recycling.

Horry County Recycling CenterHorry County recycling centers are clearly marked.

So you need TV and internet? There are two cable providers (plus the satellite guys) and the same two internet providers (plus the satellite guys). I’m no techie and I don’t watch a lot of TV so I can’t say how good any of them are, but I think they are as good as most.

Same goes for wireless. We have all the big companies and there are the usual “black holes” of reception, but that has definitely gotten better in the last few years. Even the “short cut” from Stephens Crossroads to the Brunswick Islands has full bars all the way now. 

DIrect TV and Dish TV offer satellite options.Satellite dishes are one television option.

More Myrtle Beach Utilities and Services

Heating and cooling get a nod here because in the South, most of the time your house or condo will have an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) which is a forced-air system. With the air conditioning, it's easy to determine if it's hot or cold, but sometimes newcomers don’t realize that in an HVAC, the heat does not come out of the vent feeling hot. More on that later. However, you can get gas or propane heat in some areas. 


Finally, you now live in the South and there WILL be Bugs – BIG ones. The most common bug seen is not a roach, but people think it is. It’s a palm bug and these critters love places that are damp. They are not harmful and they are more afraid of you than you are of them, but they look nasty and they can give you a start when they crawl out of cracks and where ever.

You will also see some pretty big spiders and if you get a weaver on the outside corner of you house, it’s fascinating to watch how big they can build the web. The most insidious bug, however, is the lowly termite which will eat your house. What to do? Exterminators do a good business here, so learn more about what you need to do to keep your home bug-free. I highly recommend having your home under a termite bond. It saves a lot of headache down the road.

All of these services are for your home, but your home on wheels also needs attention. If you do any driving around the area, you'll know that keeping your car in good shape is essential. There are many automotive servicing and repair shops that are excellent and will keep your car running smoothly.

Check out our accompanying pages for more information. We’ve tried to cover all the Myrtle Beach utilities and services, but if we left one out or if you have a question, please contact us or leave a comment below.

You can find out more about area electricity companies by clicking here and you can get more Myrtle Beach water company information by clicking here.

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