Ghosts of Georgetown – A Review

Originally published under the name Elizabeth Robertson Huntsinger, Ghosts of Georgetown is the first of a collection of ghost stories and mysteries by author Elizabeth Huntinsger Wolf.

Although Alice and the Grey Man are the two most famous Grand Strand ghosts, they aren’t the only spirits left behind by tragedy or longing. Georgetown, Pawleys Island, and Murrells Inlet all have tales to tell of lost love, terrible storms, and lives too intense to end at death.

From the first story of the daughter of a lighthouse keeper who warns sailors on Winyah Bay of coming storms, to the final chapter of a long ago fire and a ghost at the Dupre House in Georgetown, the author guides us through a maze of legend and historical fact. There’s the ghost of the madam of Sunset Lodge, the sad tale of lost love at Daisy Bank plantation, and the ghostly trio that can still be seen where they drowned in the Waccamaw River.

The Georgetown area is said to be one of the most haunted places in South Carolina. In this, her first book, Huntsinger tells of the South Carolina plantations that are no longer there, even though a spirit may be, and of the South Carolina history that can be found here.

Reading these tales may inspire you to visit some of the places, like old Gunn Church, Hampton Plantation, and the Pelican Inn. You can even visit Alice at her grave in the churchyard at All Saints Waccamaw, preferably on a sunny day.

Tombstone of Alice FlaggVisit the grave of Alice in the daytime.

Ghosts of Georgetown Historic District

The book includes twelve tales from the surrounding areas and then goes to the Georgetown historic district for eight more stories of ghosts that inhabit historic homes there. Huntsinger is well versed in these structures since she also offers guided ghost tours downtown and along the waterfront.

If you like ghostly tales to liven up your history lessons, I recommend this book. The stories are short and can easily be read at a sitting, whether on the beach or hiding under the covers. A storyteller and Civil War reenactor, Huntsinger also has three other books available, More Ghosts of Georgetown, Georgetown Mysteries and Legends, and Waterline, a murder mystery.

Ghosts of Georgetown

By Elizabeth Robertson Huntsinger

John F. Blair, Publisher, 1995, $8.95

ISBN 0-89587-122-X

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