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If you'd Love to advertise with us we'd Love to have you.

I know, businesses and service providers get hit with this sort of thing every day and sometimes you just feel inundated with phone calls and emails. 

I won't do that!

In fact, it's really hard for me to ask for financial support, but the reality is that in order to keep the lights on, Love Myrtle Beach needs the same thing every other business needs - income.

But ...

I don't just take money from strangers. I need to know a little about you. Why? Because I have an obligation to my readers to present the Best of the Beach! That's why I've developed Love Myrtle Beach Sponsors. 

Why Advertise with Love Myrtle Beach

Whether or not you like it, we have been discovered. You can see that by the number of housing developments going up all over town. The population of the Grand Strand is increasing almost daily, it seems. We are popular.

Check out what Google Trends says about people looking for information about Myrtle Beach.

Click here to look at the current trends for this time of year.

So, yes, we are popular, and why not? Everybody wants to live at the beach, but not everybody can. We're special and blessed. Here's why.

Love Myrtle Beach Sponsorship

If you own a local business or service, I'd love to talk with you and get to know you. I firmly believe in shopping locally and supporting local businesses. Love Myrtle Beach can help you reach your target audience in two ways, as a Site Sponsor or as a Link Sponsor. is not a commercial site. I don't try to sell you anything, although I do have some third part advertising such as Google Ads and Amazon to help defray some of my costs.

But, essentially the information you find here is free, and most importantly, not motivated by money. If you see an article on here about a commercial business or service, it's here because I like the business and I believe it gives value to the site and to my readers. If they are a Site Sponsor, I'll tell you that as well.

But ...

I will not write about anything that I don't believe in. Period.

In order to become a Site Sponsor I need to know and believe in your business or service.

So, here's how it works. If you would like to sponsor a page, I will write an article about your business or service. Check out these two Site Sponsors to see what I wrote about them.

These are both excellent area businesses and I believe they are good for the community.

Another way to work with us is by having a link from Love Myrtle Beach to your website. We offer single link pricing, but again, we need to know a little about you before we will link out to you. has an annual traffic base of over 41,000 unique visitors. That's about 3700 unique visitors per month reading over 10,000 pages, which means an average of 2.7 pages per visitor.


Sponsor Pricing and Ad Rates

Advertising with Love Myrtle Beach is not expensive. Site Sponsorships start at $50 per month and Link Sponsorships start at $50 per year. Email me or give me a call and let's talk. You can also contact me on the form below. Just remember, any time is a good time to advertise on

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