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What is it about Myrtle Beach that draws visitors and new residents here year after year?

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So, you found this website about Myrtle Beach. Good for you!

North Myrtle BeachA Day at the Beach

It’s one of at least a couple of dozen that you’ll find when you do an Internet search. The Grand Strand is a popular part of the Carolina Low Country and lots of folks have lots of different ideas and reasons for promoting it. But, you may ask, who is publishing THIS site and why are they writing all this stuff?

Interviews are the best way to get first hand information.Writer at work!

If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re not alone. I always want to know who’s behind the websites I read and if they can be relied upon to present good, factual information. As a freelance writer for over 35 years working in newspapers and magazines, and more recently on the Web, I am a stickler for the facts. I believe you must have three sources, or more to verify information. Period!

So, when you read any articles on Love Myrtle Beach.net, you can be sure I’ve researched my facts. That doesn’t mean I’m always right, (if you catch me in a mistake, be sure and tell me), but it does mean that I’m trying to give you the most accurate information about Myrtle Beach that I can.

The story of Love Myrtle Beach.net is really the story of me being blessed to live most of my life not just on the South Carolina beaches, but at the Beach in general. Born in the mid-west to military parents, I traveled east at the tender age of three weeks where I have pictures of me as a chubby baby sitting on a beach in New Jersey.

Mom and me in New Jersey about 1950

My dad was an Army career man and a veteran of WWII and the Korean War before retiring to Florida in the early 1960s. He was stationed at Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina, so my first recollection of going to the beach was to Myrtle Beach.

Me wearing a bathing cap in the Myrtle Beach surf 1956

My husband Nick is English by birth, and I always said he has salt water for blood. He is happiest when he’s on the water, whether it’s in a kayak, a sailboat, a pontoon boat, or a ferry. He really doesn’t care as long as he can smell the salt sea air. More than 40 years ago we honeymooned in Cocoa Beach, and together, we’ve lived near the beach in both Florida and the Carolinas.

We started Love Myrtle Beach.net to learn more about Myrtle Beach for our own needs. Having moved back to the area after a long absence, we were amazed to see how much it had grown. Where there used to be swamps and forests there are now acres of homes in sprawling developments. Finding our way around was a challenge.

We began working as property managers for a long-term rental company and we found that many of our tenants were moving here from other states, primarily from the Northeast. They needed to know about the same things we did, like utility companies, schools, local taxes, where to shop, where to live, and what to do in the area. We were finding out this information for them and soon realized that a lot of other folks would like to know it as well.

We also realized that Myrtle Beach is more than just a place it’s an emotion, a culture, a feeling of well-being that only the sea can provide. Whether you’re taking a quiet walk on the sand at sunrise, or enjoying an evening with friends and family at a popular restaurant, the Beach is the silken cord that binds visitors and locals to a lifestyle of relaxed fun and purposeful play.

Walking on Sunset BeachA walk on the beach is fun for all ages.

I have since retired from the Real Estate business and left that for Nick to enjoy. As for me, I've gone back to what I truly love, travel writing. This website gives me an excuse to start Exploring the Grand Strand, just as I did for my other website about Florida, and to find the fun things to do in the area. LoveMyrtleBeach.net is an informational lifestyle website, a fun place to hang out and find out what’s happening, from Myrtle Beach weather to where to buy fresh seafood.

And so, Beach Lovers, I need you to take this adventure forward. I need you to enjoy the site, to comment, to send me your photos, ask me questions and keep me searching for more happenings along the Grand Strand and beyond. Like us on Facebook, send in your events for the calendar, and most of all Love Myrtle Beach!

Warm regards,


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