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Do you Love Myrtle Beach?

Sun, sand and fun in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Do you like digging your toes into the wet sand, picking up sea shells, and seeing pelicans fly in formation overhead?

Does a long walk on the edge of the tide, watching the sunrise or sunset over the Atlantic and listening to the sound of the surf make you want to stay forever?

Are you thinking about painting your living room seafoam green?

If you can’t get enough sun, sand, and surf in your life, this is the place for you!

Why Love Myrtle Beach?

Located in the South Carolina Low Country (that is the coastal plain that runs along the Atlantic Ocean), locals call this place simply “the Beach.” It’s also known as Long Bay and the Grand Strand, but from Raleigh to Columbia it’s long been assumed that if you’re going to “the Beach,” you’re going to Myrtle Beach.

Okay, so what’s so great about it you may ask (but if you have to ask, you obviously haven't been here).

Well, we enjoy mild winters, breezy summers, and fresh seafood year round (grilled grouper with a side of coleslaw for me please), and with lots of tidal marshes perfect for kayaking, it’s definitely a Siren call to those of us who gravitate to the water.

Enjoying a walk on the beach in North Myrtle Beach.Sun and fun in North Myrtle Beach

To love Myrtle Beach is to love its history, its outdoor opportunities, its shopping, and its restaurants. It’s amazing how the Beach has grown over the years; from sleepy little South Carolina coastal town to sprawling metro area and international tourist destination. Not every place can claim a Planet Hollywood and a Hard Rock Café in the same block. Still, if you look, the area hasn’t lost its Southern roots.

Horry County (pronounced Oh-ree) was name for Revolutionary War hero Peter Horry who rode with Colonel Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, but you can read more about that on our history pages. The county was incorporated in 1801 with a population of about 550. The 2013 estimate, which is now a bit behind the times, shows the county population at around 289,650, but again, you can find more about that on our stats page.

Being a Myrtle Beach Local

So, what is the purpose of this website? Our primary goal is to show how we Love Myrtle Beach. If you're a local we want to help keep you in the know on area happenings and what's to do. If you're thinking of becoming a local, we can offer some advice and information you need to make the move.

But we also want to help you find the information you need to make moving to Myrtle Beach and living in Myrtle Beach less stressful and more fun. After all, this is the Beach; you know surf, sand, shag contests (yes, the Shag originated here). It’s also the home of Vanna White (Wheel of Fortune darling) and actor Christopher Jones (Forest Gump). And it's the place where the Grammy winning group Hootie and the Blowfish launched their music.

Shopping at the Gay Dolphin is a long-time Myrtle Beach tradition.

In these pages you’ll find details on the beach towns and communities that make up the Grand Stand, where they are, what makes them unique, and why we love them. We also list Myrtle Beach real estate information and relocation experts like Realtors and Property Managers,

moving and storage companies, utility companies and appliance servicing companies, schools and home schooling information, what local taxes you'll have to pay, even where to find the grocery stores. There are community services like the Myrtle Beach International Airport, various types of ground transportation, chambers of commerce, and your state and local representatives.

We also cover fun things to do like Myrtle Beach attractions  and things to do. We list all kinds of  Myrtle Beach shopping, from malls and factory outlet stores to popular little boutiques and family run businesses like the Gay Dolphin, a Myrtle Beach tradition since 1946. There are tons of restaurants, mini golf courses, museums, state parks, oh, yes, and even wineries you can visit – it’s all here.

But Wait - There's More!

You can still find nearly empty beaches in the Brunswick Islands.Bird Island at Sunset Beach

Just north of the border are the Brunswick Islands, a string of North Carolina barrier islands chock full of fun things to do for a day-trip. Head south and you come to historic Georgetown, where the aforementioned Swamp Fox pestered the British occupational troops for most of the Revolutionary War. Further south is beautiful Charleston, but we’ll save that for later.

So start clicking and reading! Use our search page for anything you want to find on the site, dig, research, leave comments (yes, we do read them), ask us questions, “Like” us on Facebook, tell your friends.

We want to know how much you LOVE Myrtle Beach!

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